Proline AM5Ex160


Mobility Easy Access Threshold Door Sill

Suitable for outward opening doors

04CP782- with Triplex

(Available in contract packaging only)

  • Extended version of the Proline AM5Ex- 35mm longer
  • Ergonomically tested for Part M compliance- see section 0.23
  • Can be installed as the fourth side of the door frame or retro fitted
  • Seals gaps 18mm-23mm
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Thermally broken to meet thermal bridging and insulation requirements, can be used with many different frame and door materials, e.g. wood, PVCu, fibreglass, aluminium, steel and carbon fibre
  • Designed to fit directly onto level thresholds
  • Ideal for use with carpeted floors
  • Non-slip surface ensures a safe grip in wet conditions
  • This threshold replaces the standard UPVC Subsill used within the UPVC industry
  • Supplied with end caps to close off the ends of the front channel- End Caps
  • For use with a subsill see Proline AM5Ex Subsill- 04CP294 Proline AM5Ex Subsill
  • Optional infill bars available to fill the bottom sash rebate on UPVC doors- PVC Door Infills
  • Optional clip-in internal transition ramp also allows use with tiled and wooden floors- 04CP092 Eco/ AM5Ex Ramp
  • Adjustable locking keeps available for double doors to suit your shoot bolt position- AM5Ex Adjustable Locking Keeps
  • Plastic shootbolt catcher available for double doors- Locking Keep Plugs
  • Bespoke nylon connector blocks, which match the door frame and threshold profiles are available to avoid for the need for end milling- AM5Ex Frame Connectors