Proline AM5Ex Subsill


Mobility Easy Access Threshold Door Sill

Suitable for outward opening doors

04CP294- with Triplex
04CP636- with Aquamac 5694
04CP553- Unfabricated
(Available in contract packaging only)

NB: Can meet Part ‘M’ requirements when the overall threshold design is specified correctly. Contact your Stormguard representative or Stormguard Head Office for details on 01625 613311.

Please note the application in the image shown opposite would not meet Part M regulations.

  • Designed for use with PVC, wood or composite subsill
  • Can be installed as the fourth side of the door frame or retro fitted
  • Seals gaps 17mm-22mm
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Thermally broken to meet thermal bridging and insulation requirements, can be used with many different frame and door materials, e.g. wood, PVCu, fibreglass, aluminium, steel and carbon fibre
  • Ideal for use with carpeted floors
  • Non-slip surface ensures a safe grip in wet conditions
  • Supplied with end caps to close off the ends of the front channel- End Caps
  • For use with a level threshold see Proline AM5Ex- 04CP220 Proline AM5Ex
  • Optional rubber infill section that fits into the sill and allows the door frame/sidelight to be fitted on top of the sill without milling the bottom of the frame to the sill profile- 20CP242 AM5Ex Infill Block
  • Optional infill bars available to fill the bottom sash rebate on UPVC doors- PVC Door Infills
  • Optional clip-in internal transition ramp also allows use with tiled and wooden floors- 04CP092 Eco/ AM5Ex Ramp
  • Adjustable locking keeps available for double doors to suit your shoot bolt position- AM5Ex Adjustable Locking Keeps
  • Plastic shootbolt catcher available for double doors- Locking Keep Plugs
  • Bespoke nylon connector blocks, which match the door frame and threshold profiles are available to avoid for the need for end milling- AM5Ex Frame Connectors