Tie Bars


20CP183 3mm x 48mm
20CP189 2mm x 80mm
20CP214 3mm x 100mm
20CP251 3mm x 60mm
20CP260 2mm x 48mm
20CP261 1.5mm x 70mm
20CP293 2mm x 70mm
20CP392 2mm x 39mm
20CP435 2mm x 60mm
20CP473 3mm x 44mm
20CP487 1.75mm x 70mm
20CP488 2mm x 92mm
20CP576 3mm x 70mm
20CP760 1.6mm x 44mm
(Available in contract packaging only)

  • Enables goal post type frames to be joined and strengthened between jambs
  • Ideal for use during transit and in situ
  • Can be utilised for the threshold to sit on top, for example, with the Slimline or Trimline thresholds
  • Can be used as a shed or garage door tread plate
  • Available in various sizes- if the size you require is not listed above please speak to your area sales manager as these can be made to order in most size combinations