Slimline Frame Connectors


Suitable for use with the Slimline Threshold Range

(Available in contract packaging only)

  • Designed specifically for the Slimline range of threshold sills- Slimline Range
  • Supplied in Pairs
  • Bespoke nylon connector blocks, which match the door frame and threshold profiles, removing the need to end mill the frame
  • The range of connector blocks supplied by Stormguard is always expanding, see below a list of the frame profiles connectors blocks are currently available for:

26CP376 Rehau S706 Black (PL-0818)
26CP376 Rehau S706 White (PL-0818-W)
26CP494 Profile 22 78010 Black (PL-0960)
26CP511 Rehau Edge Black (PL-0818 Modified)
26CP539 Liniar LSW018 Black (PL-1010)
26CP590 Legend 70 Composite Black (PL-1053)
26CP594 Eurocell EWS031 Black (PL-0747)
26CP598 VEka 101228 Composite Black (PL-1042)
26CP599 Rehau S706 Internal Black (PL-1052)

26CP716 Winkhaus Ecoframe Black (PL-1183)
26XX901 Intron Internal Black (PL-0937)

26XY118  Customade Black (PL-1234)