Eco 3000

ECO 3000

Mobility Easy Access Threshold Door Sill

Suitable for inward opening doors

04CP122 (Available in contract packaging only)

  • Designed to fit directly onto level thresholds
  • Fully tested resin thermal break
  • Seals gaps 23mm-28mm
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Optional clip-in internal transition ramp also allows use with tiled and wooden floors- 04CP092 Eco/ AM5Ex Ramp
  • Optional frameĀ infill section thatĀ fits into the sill and allows the door frame/sidelight to be fitted on top of the sill without milling the bottom of the frame to the sill profile- 20CP174 Eco 3000 Frame Infill
  • Optional rubber infill section also available in a black rubber material- 20CP175 Eco 3000 Infill Block
  • Locking keeps available for double doors- 20CP140 Eco 3000 Locking Keep
  • Plastic shootbolt catcher available for double doors- Locking Keep Plugs