Proline AM5Ex Frame Connectors


Suitable for use with the Proline AM5Ex Threshold Range

(Available in contract packaging only)

  • Designed specifically for the Proline AM5Ex range of threshold sills- Proline AM5Ex Range
  • Supplied in Pairs
  • Bespoke nylon connector blocks, which match the door frame and threshold profiles, removing the need to end mill the frame
  • The range of connector blocks supplied by Stormguard is always expanding, see below a list of the frame profiles connectors blocks are currently available for:

26CP255 Rehau 706 Black (PL-0717)
26CP257 HW Elite 70 Black (PL-0730)
26CP259 HW Elite 63 Black (PL-0724)
26CP264 Synseal Synerjy Black (PL-0734)
26CP266 Synseal Shield Black (PL-0732)
26CP268 Veka 58 (65mm) Black (PL-0749)
26CP270 Veka 70 (70mm) Black (PL-0748)
26CP272 Selecta Advance 70 Black (PL-0719)
26CP274 Rehau Tritec Black (PL-0721)
26CP305 Duraflex Diamond 70 Black (PL-0759 Modified)
26CP363 Deceuninck 2800 Black (PL-0764)
26CP368 Veka 70 (80mm) Black (PL-0800)
26CP370 Veka 58 (80mm) Black (PL-0802)
26CP386 Veka FS70 (70mm) Black (PL-0867)
26CP386 Veka FS70 (70mm) White (PL-0867-W)
26CP410 Rehau S706 Black (PL-0881)
26CP456 KBE Art.508 Black (PL-0930)
26CP470 Eurocell 7706/ Liniar Black (PL-0956)
26CP490 Legend 70 Composite Black (PL-1123 Modified)
26CP498 Legend 70 Black (PL-0717 Modified)
26CP570 LB8000 Black (PL-0717 Modified)
26CP572 Kommerling 7507 Black (PL-1050)
26CP607 Aluplast OF75WF Black (PL-1018)
26CP652 Calibre Black (PL-1129)
26CP654 WHS Halo Rustique P10532 Black (PL-1138)
26CP671 Veka 101228 Composite Black (PL-1127 Modified)
26CP700 Deceuninck 2500 Black (PL-1192)
26CP703 Winkhaus Ecoframe Black (PL-1011 Modified)
26CP703 Winkhaus Ecoframe White (PL-1011-W Modified)
26CP705 WHS Halo P10548 Black (PL-1159 Modified)
26CP707 Zendow 3000 Black (PL-1191)
26CP713 Duraflex Composite Black (PL-0759 Modified)
26CP718 Kommerling 7508 Black (PL-1186)
26CP725 Eurocell EWS031 Black (PL-1126 Modified)
26CP727 Halo System 10 P10502 Black (PL-1203)
26CP729 Swish X840 Black (PL-1055)
26CP731 Veka M70 Black (PL-1201)
26CP745 Profile 22 Optima QC03 Black (PL-1224)
26CP748 Liniar LSW018 Black (PL-0956 Modified)
26CP753 LB7000 Black (PL-0717 Modified)
26CP755 Profile 22 78004 Black (PL-1226)
26CP758 Rehau 546835 (Total 70) Black (PL-1246)
26CP763 Liniar 016/017 Black (PL-1238)
26CP763 Liniar 016/017 White (PL-1238-W)

  • The following connectors are discontinued, but stock is still available- please contact the office to check availability on 01625 613311
    26CP303 Duraflex Diamond 65 Black (PL-0771 Modified)