Trimline 2 Part No SRD


Mobility Easy Access Threshold Door Sill

Suitable for inward and outward opening doors

04CP530 (Available in contract packaging only)

      • For use where the beneath door gap is smaller than 29mm
      • Seals gaps 25mm-29mm
      • Pre-drilled drainage and fixing holes
      • Designed to fit onto a subsill or directly onto a threshold
      • Excellent fitting tolerances up to 7mm
      • Curved upstands front and rear facilitate access for wheelchairs and prams
      • Nitrile draught seal fitted to rear, polypropylene brush strip fitted to front
      • Locking keeps available for double doors- 20CP077 Trimline Locking Keep
      • Plastic shootbolt catcher available for double doors- Locking Keep Plugs
      • Also available as a 2 part kit with rain deflector- 04SR004 Trimline
      • Also available as a 3 part kit with rain deflector- 04CP425 Trimline 3 Part